Description About Vibration Hoses –

These corrugated flexible metal hoses, which are ideal to minimize vibration coming from a compressor. These protect the down-stream airway from shock and vibration. They also accommodate offsets and pipe movements.

These are ideal for expensive maintenance applications and corrosion-resistant construction purposes. These used to eliminate vibration and thermal or settlement movement. It also used to prevent noise that occurs in the mechanical piping in various applications.

Platinflex Vibration hoses used to absorb vibration and shock of piping systems near refrigerator compressors. When the tubes installed at the entryway and exit of the refrigerant piping compressor and their opposite sides firmly secured, these tubes prevent the transmission of vibration to the piping beyond the tightened points. Thus, reduces any stress from vibration.


Advantages of Platinflex Vibration hoses:

  • Hose and copper tube TIG welded.
  • Cleaned and dehydrated for refrigeration service.
  • Each unit is pressure vacuum tested, cleaned, dehydrated and also sealed in plastic film.
  • Complete physical and chemical analysis of all basic components.
  • It sized to fit 5/8″ through 4″ O.D. and have a corrugated stainless core with high tensile stainless braid covering and copper tube ends.
  • The components checked and also inspected at various phases of assembly.
  • The ends accurately sized.